IIPL hair removal is the latest technology used in hair removal and is similar to laser but without the  uncomfortable stinging sensation experienced with it. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. The high intensity light  causes heat damage to the hair follicle.


Hair growth occurs in three cycles. IPL is only effective when  the hair is in a growth stage  and as only 30% of hair at any given time are in a growth cycle  multiple treatments will be required, the amount of treatments vary but usually a minimum of six treatments are required.


IPL hair removal is an extremely safe and effective treatment for hair removal, though as with any procedure there is still a small chance that you could experience some sort of side effect, they are generally only minor and only last a short time. The most common side effect is a slight redness to the skin and very rarely some swelling, these effects usually only last a few hours but can last longer for some. Some people can also experience a slight sunburn sensation for a few days but again this is rare.


IPL Treatment is most effective on light to medium skin colour with dark hair. This combination also experience the least amount of side effects.

Before and After Treatment

 Lip and Chin